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C-los Carpentry

design & build

C-los Carpentry, a woodworking team based out of Tarrytown, NY, aims to create beautiful hand-made pieces for the home and restaurant that highlight the natural beauty of the wood being worked with. Whether we work on small accessories, or a large custom piece of furniture, we put the same thoughtfulness and attention to detail to all of our products. We love working with salvaged wood whenever we can so that we can breathe new life into an older piece of wood, however we do also work with newly milled wood, exotic wood, and even fresh wood that we have gathered ourselves. 



We create customized furniture to our clients' specifications. Offering design services and drawings to help visualize the final product, we work closely with our clients to deliver a piece that will be enjoyed for years to come. Whether an individual piece of furniture, or a full built-in, we have the versatility to bring your ideas to life.



Through our partnerships with a variety of  restaurants, we create beautiful servingware pieces that are used during service and which enhance the dining experience. We make everything: from hand trays, trivets, round platters, coasters, and more. All of our pieces can be entirely customized to suit the aesthetic of the restaurant.

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Our bowls and vases are created from wood that has been cut down, or has fallen down. We constantly search for fresh wood that we can mold into a functional piece of art for the home. In an effort to minimize waste, we turn that wood into bowls and vases - each piece unique, handmade, and with its own story to tell.


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Tell us about your project! We would love to provide you with one of our pieces from our inventory, or to work with you on a custom project - large or small.

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